My hands hunger for cartoons!

now with 10% more tacos

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Anonymous asked: I don't have and account on Tumblr, however I came across your work via Google when looking for inspirational imagery to help develop my own characters, and I must say I am very impressed and interested in your unique drawing style and methods. Tell me, have you done anything else with these pieces of work, any business opportunities arise for you in the media industry? I'm interested to hear, as such talent should be put to good use. I'm tempted to sign up just to follow your work :)

First of all! THANKS a lot for your comments its really nice to wake up in the morning and reading this Thank you!

second: about your question, well currently I have the oportunity to work  in an animation studio, in a movie proyect , right now I’m developing a concept for a web comic and possibly animated shorts about  characters, but that is a personal project.

the truth, the animation industry is a difficult place in my country, there is not enough money for projects, and death lines are infamous, (15 seconds of animation per day)
but at the end of the day  the feeling of having done something impossible is satisfactory, especially if you have a personal project to balance it all.